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Liquid Type!

Beautiful work from Ruslan Khasanov’s:

“I was especially impressed how the ink spots was dancing exposed to water, a bizarre dance of life, between birth and death,”


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HTML5 + Arcade Fire = Awesomeness

In my search for the coolest website using the latest web technologies, I found this piece a work of art: an interactive music video built entirely in HTML5. Arcade Fire’s We Used to Wait audio functions as a time line and HTML5 keeps track of timecode to launch specific function or action populating new windows of animation, google maps and cool typeface any user can interact with.  Google Creative Lab was the one responsible to develop one of many Google Chrome Experiments that is worth looking at.


Want to Conquer a Better world

After months of making myself crazy, trying to settle down with my pups, looking and filling job applications and having tons of job interviews, I finally landed with a pretty nice start-up company for the entertainment industry. Now that my life has a path, I am now stress-free and I will try to post new cool content.

Doing research is part of my work now so I am looking for innovative forms to implement interactive design and I came across this beautiful web site and I want to share it. Nike really did it this time, they implemented elegant and clean design with cool new  HTML5 and CSS3’s features. This effect really blew my mind, to see the usage of CSS3 layering with Java Script and see a foreground-background effect while you scroll, there are no words to describe it. I encourage you to see for your self and experience the full power of CSS3 and Java Script.




(via 30Day.jpg (JPEG Image, 600x776 pixels) - Scaled (83%))It’s a dare! ; )

Good idea! Luv challenges like this!

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Typography / Computer Arts

This project embrace the importance of a good use of typography and illustration are necessary key visual elements to achieve a great result. I do agree, this is beautifully crafted illustration.